• What if I get warnings about SSL while my code is running?
    • These types of warnings indicate that you might be using an unsupported version of Python and need additional Python libraries. Some details are provided here.
  • How do I check if my local CPLEX® Optimizer is used or not?
    • DOcplex examples issue warnings that state whether a CPLEX Optimizer wrapper is present or not. For example, CPLEX wrapper is present, version is, located at: C:\CPLEX_Studio1263.
    • If an invalid version of CPLEX Optimizer is detected (for example V12.6.1), DOcplex raises an error that indicates the cause.
    • If no CPLEX Optimizer version is detected, then DOcplex examples raise the message CPLEX wrapper is not available.
  • What if I don’t have pip?
    • The lack of pip indicates that you are using an unsupported version of Python since pip is delivered as a standard package with versions 2.7.9+, 3.4, and 3.5.
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